Sra. McNamara

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My name is Dolores McNamara and I will be your child’s Spanish teacher this year. I have worked in the West Windsor Plainsboro School District for over ten years teaching different levels of Spanish. I received my undergraduate degree (Joints Honors in French & Spanish) from Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland. My love of languages started as a young girl when I traveled to France and Spain with my family. I spent summers in Spain before living full time in Madrid for a period.

What do we do in Spanish class?

We meet twice a week for 40 minutes. We speak Spanish almost all of the time. Therefore, it is very important that students always look and listen to the teacher.

Our goal is to develop what students know and are able to do with the language. We use authentic materials, and design hands-on-activities which include games, songs, drama, storytelling, and lots of communicative activities.

Third grade:

At the beginning of their second year of Spanish, students explore school life, activities, and routines with an increased focus on getting ready for school, the clothes they prefer to wear to school, and a few common problems they might experience. They build on previously-learned vocabulary and language functions to communicate about themselves, their friends, teachers, and classroom.

Fourth Grade:

During fourth grade, students explore their world-the new friends that they meet and the people, places and jobs in the school environment. As they delve into these themes, they compare their lives with those of Spanish-speaking children and become familiar with cultural products and practices of the Hispanic world.

Fifth Grade:

This year is centered on a “magical journey” where students will explore their family legacy (heritage and culture). They begin this journey by reflecting on personal information–family composition, relationships, family traits and family origin. Students will also explore the Maya civilization and interpret an authentic legend. Through this, they will continue to build comprehension, interpersonal and presentational skills as they discover the ancestral legacy of the Maya.

I look forward to sharing my passion for the Spanish language and culture with your children.


Sra. McNamara