Composer of the Month/ Suggested Listening Examples

Each month our students will focus on one specific composer. Students will learn historical and significant facts about our composer, and will be exposed to different listening examples. 

September- Johann Sebastian Bach
Toccata and Fugue in D minor
Little Fugue in G minor

 October- Edvard Greig
Elfin Dance
March of the Trolls
In the Hall of the Mountain King

November- Aaron Copland
Rodeo- Hoe Down                         Appalachian Spring- Variations on a Shaker Tune
                        Fanfare of the Common Man
                        Of Mice and Men- soundtrack clip

December- Ludwig Van Beethoven
Fur Elise                         Moonlight Sonata
                        Symphony No.9 "Ode to Joy"

January- Rodgers and Hammerstein 
Oklahoma- Oh What a Beautiful Morning                         Sound of Music- Overture
                        The King and I- Whistle a Happy Tune

February- African American Composers, Musicians, and Performers:
   Scott Joplin- Entertainer, Maple Leaf Rag
   Duke Ellington- Take the A Train
   Ella Fitzgerald- It Don't Mean a Thing, Tisket a Tasket
   Diana Ross-Stop in the Name of Love
March- Women's Month: Carole King
   One Fine Day- 1963
   I fell the Earth Move-1971
   Beautiful -1971

April- Sir Paul McCartney and John Lenon
                  Hey Jude

May-John Phillip  Sousa
" The Stars and Stripes Forever
Semper Fidelis
The Liberty Bell
The Washington Post

June-John Williams
Movie and Soundtrack composer We will be listening to excerpts from the following movies: Star Wars Indiana Jones Home Alone