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Dear Fifth Grader,  
Welcome to fifth grade at Millstone River School! I hope that you are enjoying your summer and looking forward to an exciting, fun year together filled with lots of learning and discovery! 

During the first couple days of school, we will be busy getting to know each other. Please bring in a lunch sized paper bag with 3 - 5 items that are special to you. This bag might contain your favorite book, something that tells us about your hobbies or interests, a photograph, a souvenir from your summer vacation, and so on.  Be sure to put your name on the bag. If possible, please also bring an independent reading book with you. I am so excited to learn more about you!

If possible, below is a list of recommended items you may want to send with
your child on the first day:

  • 4 double pocket folders 
  • 5 hard-cover marble composition notebooks
  • 1 Fabric, Zippered desk-sized supply case with the following:
    - Pencils and erasers
    - Hand-held pencil sharpener
    - Dry-erase markers (extra thin preferred)
    - 2 yellow highlighters
    - 2 black, extra fine-point sharpie markers
    - 3 glue sticks (large preferred; recommended to label caps with initials)
    - 1 pair of scissors
    (Many of these may need to be replenished 
    replaced as the year progresses)
  • Colored pencils & Washable Markers
  • One 12-inch ruler
  • 3 packages of post-its (3 in. x 3 in.)
  • Ear buds or head phones for Chromebooks
  • 2 boxes of tissues to donate to class
  • 1 package of zip-lock bags (any size) to donate to class

** It is highly recommended to label your name on everything you can! Thank you in advance! I am really looking forward to
meeting all of my future 5th graders and their families!!