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 Welcome to Mrs. Osburn’s fifth grade classroom, and
welcome to a year of wordswords, and more words. We love
language, especially beautiful language, so together we will
discover the wonderful world of words. We will
talk, explain, consider, compare, contrast, examine, tell,
analyze, narrate, prove, list, elaborate, and discover words
every day. You will try on new words, make mistakes,
flounder, wonder, think, read, examine, read, read again and
think. So be prepared to look hard and listen carefully, to
notice the ordinary, to make the ordinary extraordinary
through your words.
    Your words might be simply scientific, or mathematically
mysterious, or hysterically historical, but they will always be
friendly, kind and helpful, spreading seeds of hope and peace.
You are an important citizen of MRS and this is your year to
shine. You are at the pinnacle of childhood, so embrace this time but
learn to discover the future. This is your year to grow. We await
your arrival.
                                                      With love,
                                                           Mrs. Osburn