picture of supplies
Supply List for Mrs. Osburn’s and Dr. Gurzau's Class

  • 1 sewn marble journal 
  • several pencils and erasers - bring only 5 pencils on day one (please  keep a supply of pencils at home for your child - pencils are lost  almost daily)
  • 1 glue stick - large
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • earbuds - absolutely necessary! (no headphones please)
  • box of tissue
  • box of colored pencils (box of 12 - no large amounts) and one fine black Sharpie
  • small (non-battery) pencil sharpener
  • 2 plastic "two pocket"  folders
  • Ten dollars in cash to help with party supplies throughout the year.

    You will not need tape. Do not bring White-Out. You should not bring mechanical pencils or pens. Please do not send plastic bottles.  The water in the school is very good and each classroom has a drinking fountain.  If you bring a water bottle, make sure it is sturdy and has a flat bottom to avoid spills.  Because each child has a Chrome Book, water bottles cannot be kept on the desks.