Reading: Students are to read 20 minutes nightly Monday through Friday and record in their reading log. Reading log is to be handed in at the end of each month.

Spelling: Spelling homework is assigned Monday through Thursday with a test scheduled on Friday. Spelling is every other week as on the opposite week we will practice coral reading. 

: Students will be asked to spend approximately 20 minutes a day writing; however, you will find that on some nights the homework is completed in class.   

Math: Math homework is assigned Monday through Thursday to help reinforce what was learned in class that day. Students will be notified of test approximately 3-5 days in advance. Pop quizzes are not announced.

Social Studies:  Social Studies is 2 times a week. Homework is depending upon the daily lesson.  

In all subjects, homework is not assigned over the weekend. The only homework scheduled for Friday is to spend time with family and go outside to play!