Student Letter

Dear Students,

Welcome to the Mrs. Coffey's Class! I hope you are ready to tune into a year of excitement and discovery. Our team offers something for every listener. 

Together we will discover and learn many new things. I hope this will be a spectacular year for you. Please talk to me when you have something to share, when you don’t understand, or when you are upset. I will listen to you very carefully. I look forward to a great year with you!

When you come to school on the second day, please bring a brown paper lunch bag filled with five(5) items that tell us something special about you. This bag might contain your favorite book, something that tells us about your favorite sport, a photograph of what you did during your summer vacation, or something you collect. Be sure to put your name on the bag. Remember, all five items must fit into the bag, so use your imagination to come up with small items. We’ll be sharing these items with your new classmates.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. 


Mrs. Coffey