Mr. Jones/Mrs. King Supply List 2018

Dear Parent(s) and Students,                                               tools

     We would like to welcome you to an exciting year in fourth grade!  In this letter, we would like to introduce ourselves and give you a short list of suggested supplies that you might want to pick up during your school shopping. This is a complete list of what we would prefer so you will not need to reference a master 4th Grade Supply List as we do not use all of those items.

     Our names are Michael Jones and Rebecca King and we are looking forward to beginning a new and exciting year at Millstone River School!  As September approaches we have been busy planning “beginning of the year” activities. We will start off with some “getting to know you” activities in order to get acquainted with one another and our school.  We are anticipating a year that is filled with fun and interesting learning experiences.

After we establish a comfortable and encouraging atmosphere, the true learning begins!  This year, you will learn new reading strategies, participate in book clubs, become a thoughtful writer, learn new problem solving skills, participate in math workshop and become an active historian! We will also guide you through a number of fun and enriching hands-on science experiments that will get your brains spinning!

     The summer has been passing by quickly and we are sure that you are planning to do some school supply shopping.  The following items are specific to our classroom program. Everything is available at your local superstore or Officemax/Staples.


The following items will be needed throughout the year and would be extremely helpful:

  • A  1 inch, 3 ring binder (to be used for Math, Science, and Social Studies)
  • One Heavy Duty Folder with 3 Hole Punch for inside binder
  • Binder dividers
  • Loose leaf paper (Wide Ruled) for the binder
  • Scissors
  • 2 hard-covered, one subject, wide ruled, marble composition books to begin the year (for reading & writing)
  • 2 Black Sharpie Markers (Fine and Ultra Fine Point)
  • 1 box of crayons
  • 1 box of markers/colored pencils
  • 4 Color Dry Erase Marker Set
  • 2 Highlighter pens
  • 1-2 large glue sticks
  • 1-2 Disposable rolls of Scotch tape
  • A box of at least 24, #2 pencils
  • 3 colored pens (not black, any bright, dark color for revision work)
  • 1 handheld pencil sharpener
  • 5  pads of 3”x3” post its to begin the year
  • Pack of 100, 3x5 index cards
  • 12” ruler (for homework use)
  • Protractor (for home use)
  • 1 boxes of tissues (for classroom use)
  • Container of sanitizing wipes for desks.
  • Boys (Zipper lock, gallon size baggies)
  • Girls (Zipper lock, sandwich size baggies)
  • Earbuds to be used with the classroom chromebooks
  • A soft pencil pouch...not too big.

Of course, this is simply a list of suggested items. If the need arises for other supplies during the school year we will send a notice home to let you know.

We are truly looking forward to meeting our classes this year! We are hoping this will be one of your best school years ever! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

See you in September!


                  Mrs. King and Mr. Jones