Google Drive
Google Drive is a very important tool in our classroom. Here, you can access your files from anywhere an internet connection is available, store your files safely and securely, and enable other users to collaborate on the same files.We will be using google drive to publish writing pieces, edit works in progress, create presentations, communicate with classmates and teachers, and work on group projects.

You will be learning in class and computer class how to navigate google drive.
Here is a reminder of how to sign in, once you've learned how to navigate google drive.

1. Go to

2. Click the SIGN IN link at the top right

3. Login with your student ID followed by

4. Your password is your network password (EX: WWP1redsleepymouse)

6. Click on the word Drive/Documents in the black bar

7. Create a new document (red 'create' tab top left)

8. Once you have created a document, you can share your document with other users and allow them to view or edit your work!