Mr. Leverton


Dear Students and Families,

I cannot believe that it is almost time to start a new academic year after what I hope was a fun and exciting summer!  I am particularly excited to welcome you back home to Millstone River and to our fourth grade class because this is my third year teaching at Millstone River!  My name is Mr. Ryan Leverton and I will be your fourth grade teacher this year.  Before I go into the fun that we will have learning this year, I want to tell you a few fun facts about myself.

I graduated from The College of New Jersey with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and History, and I have always wanted to be teacher.  As you will soon see from our classroom, I love sports and have played lacrosse from elementary school through college.  Although I was born and raised in New Jersey, my favorite sports teams are all out of state (Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Penguins).  Even though my favorite animal is the Panda Bear, I have two large Bernese Mountain Dogs, named Brodie and Chewie, and they are pals with everyone in my neighborhood!  In my free time, I love hanging with my friends, attending sporting events and concerts, fishing, reading and learning.

Speaking of learning, we will be on this wonderful journey together as we explore a variety of new and exciting subjects this year.  While on this journey, we will become super scientists as we discover electricity, ecosystems, and land and water; we will become master mathematicians as we do lots of problem solving with numbers, measurements, and geometry; we will become remarkable readers of fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction, poetry and more; we will become the superheroes of social studies as we delve into the history of early America, government and citizenship; and, as they say in Boston, we will become wicked good writers of essays, fiction, poetry, journalism, and research papers.

Wow – we will definitely be busy this year, but I guarantee you that it will be an absolutely awesome year filled with laughter, learning and growth.  Together, I know we will soar to our highest potential.  I look forward to meeting all of you on September 6th and your families at Back to School Night on September 17th.  Please see the attached school supply list that I ask you to bring to class on our first day.

Please enjoy the last few remaining days of summer, and I’ll see you soon in Room A153.


Mr. Leverton