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I first want to say that I am SO excited to have the opportunity to teach your children this year. This is my 5th year at Millstone River. I take great passion in my job as a teacher. I take great pride in teaching academics as well as social-emotional skills, the WHOLE child. I hope to teach your children all the great knowledge they are ready to learn and I hope to teach them how to become life long learners and friends.


My website has my welcome letter as well as my supply list.


I am so excited to become a team with you all to give your children the best year yet!


If you do not mind, please fill this survey out at your convenience. It just will give me a little information about your children so we can get the year started on the right foot!

Family Survey

Lets have a GREAT year!!!!

P.S. Please sign up for our REMIND ME application. I send reminders and send pictures!

Remind Me Application

P.P.S One more thing that I plan on using this year is the SeeSaw application. Some of you may already be familiar with it. This is the first year I will be using it, so bare with me as I learn too!  (coming soon)


Paige Ozdonski