Supply List*

Miss Ozdonski’s Supply List

Please bring in the following materials on the first day of school. Please use a permanent marker to write ONLY YOUR NAME on all of these items before you bring them into school.

Some of the materials will be used as a classroom community, so we will be sharing some materials. I have stared (*) the ones will be using together. This list is in ADDITION to the common supply list at(items on BOTH lists will be needed): General List (Click link for the common supplies)

- One “Spacemaker” pencil case (not too big; it needs to fit in your desk)                                  

-  Post-its (2 pads of 3” x 3”; please not the “super sticky” type or the “pop ups”) *

- One 1 inch hard-cover 3-ring binder (no zippers)
- One package of 5 tab dividers (write-on tabs are easiest)
- One box of 24 crayons or twistables/colored pencils (No markers please!)

-  Two marble notebooks (hardcover)

- 3 two pocket folders (preferably plain colors)

- one highlighter (any color) *

- 1 boxes of tissues

- 1 large glue sticks (to be replenished during the year)*  

- 1 pair of children’s blunt scissors *                      

- 1 Legal Pad (drafting for writing) 

- 1 clean old sock (for dry erase)