Scholastic Book Club

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Dear Parents,
          It’s back-to-school time! Your child will be introduced to many new and exciting things this year: a new classroom, new friends, and new ways to learn and grow.
          Reading is such an important part of your child’s education. That is why I am introducing you to Scholastic Reading Clubs. Scholastic offers books at appropriate reading levels for our class, at very reasonable prices. You never pay sales tax, and you don’t even pay shipping and handling. Plus, each time our class places an order we earn Bonus Points which we can redeem for FREE books and other materials!
          Each month, I will be sending home one or more order form(s). This is a wonderful way to fill your child’s world with books and encourage the love of reading. Purchasing books from this club is completely optional, however parents find it to be an easy, economical way to build your child’s reading library and a way to increase your child’s interests in reading!
          Ordering from the online site offers a much wider selection of books than in the printed flyer and you can use your credit card to pay. 

Here’s how it works:
- SIGN UP at On the parent page, register by clicking the “Don’t have a user name and password?” link. When prompted, enter the one-time CLASS ACTIVATION CODE shown below. This unique code ensures that your order is sent to me.
- SELECT the books you’d like to order- choose from thousands of titles-many more than our monthly flyers.
- SUBMIT your order online by the due date and your child’s books will be delivered directly to my classroom. Ordering online is fast, easy and secure.
          I love ordering books for our class from Scholastic; the company is very education-oriented and provides many freebies for classrooms. Current research studies show that the children who have access to a large supply of books and who are read to daily become better readers. Help instill those lifelong reading skills right now while your child is excited about school and learning to read.  

Mrs. Young