Writing Workshop

           Writing Workshop                       
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The structure of our writing workshop is very similar to that of the reading workshop. The period is broken up into different components in order to best suit all students' needs.  

Mini-Lesson: a brief, whole class lesson, during which a skill is reviewed or introduced.

Turn & Talk: As in reading workshop, students will also have a writing partner. They will use turn & talk time to try out new strategies and brainstorm writing ideas together.  Students are encouraged to be good listeners, but to also share their ideas as well.

Independent Writing: During this time, students will receive more individualized instruction through small focus groups and one-on-one conferences.  

Writing Notebook: Students will spend a lot of time gathering ideas and trying out new strategies in their writing notebooks this year.  They will bring home their writing notebooks to compose entries each week.  

Writing Process: Students will learn the stages of the writing process and will work towards independence in following the process.  The stages include: Gathering Ideas, Choosing an Idea, Planning, Drafting, Revising, Editing, and Publishing.

Writing Workshop Units:

- Launching a Productive Writing Workshop: Crafting True Stories

- Opinion Writing

- Informational Writing

- Baby Literary Essay

- Writing About Research

- Opinion Writing

- Porquois Tales

- Test Prep

- Realistic Fiction or Independent Projects