Welcome Letter 2018-2019

Dear Third Grade Star,                                                             August 2018

Welcome to the excitement of Third Grade as you become a Star on Team A116!  My name is Mrs. Efstathios and I will be your teacher this year.  Although my name might seem a bit difficult to pronounce it is actually pretty easy if you sound it out like this: Ef-sta-thee-os.  However, if you prefer to call me “Mrs. E”, it is perfectly fine with me!  

I have been working very hard to prepare for the upcoming school year and I can hardly wait to meet you on Thursday, September 6th, our first day of school together.

 I hope this letter finds you enjoying the summer.  I have been enjoying spending time with my family and friends in New York and New Jersey, and reading lots of books!

As a third grader, you will be making new friends, learning a lot of new things, and having fun while doing it!  You will also have many new responsibilities so it is important that you remember to get a good night’s rest, eat breakfast each morning, and bring a healthy snack to school every day.  In order to help you prepare for third grade, please bring the following supplies** with you on the first day of school:

  • Two hard-covered Marble Composition Notebooks (wide ruled, binding sewn, white pages) No spiral notebooks please!
  • Two folders (one red and one green)-pockets on the bottom
  • Two 1-inch 3-ring binders (no zippers please)
  • One set of 5 (write-on) tab dividers for binders
  • Two large glue sticks (white glue not purple please)
  • One Spacemaker hard pencil case (8”x5”x2”)
  • One box of 12/24 colored pencils
  • One box of 24 crayons
  • Two boxes of #2 pencils sharpened (Ticonderoga—NOT MECHANICAL)
  • 2 Expo Markers-thin markers are preferred (color of your choice)  
  • One Expo eraser or clean sock 
  • One pair of earbuds/headphones
  • One pair of student "blunt tipped" scissors
  • One pack of 3 - 3"X3" post-its (not "super-sticky" or "pop-up" type) 
  • One box of tissues
  • One box of Ziploc plastic bags (sandwich, quart or gallon size)

** See the School Supply List 2018-2019 page for the same list above with pictures.

Along with the supplies, please bring the following items to help us get to know each other better:  a family photograph, a favorite healthy snack, and one small item* that will teach us something about you.

*Examples of things you can bring in are:

-a favorite stuffed animal or book

-a special photograph

-a special souvenir, award or trophy

-an object from a collection

-something you have made

-a souvenir from summer vacation

 *(Please do not bring any video games, breakable items and/or live pets!). 

After you have chosen your item, please put it and your family photograph in a plastic bag labeled with your name.   There will be a place in our classroom for you to store your bag.  We will be sharing our items during our “Morning Meetings” over the first few days of school.  I can’t wait to see what you bring!  Please remember to bring a healthy treat for snack too but put it in a separate bag or in your lunch box.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and I will see you on September 6th!


                                                         Mrs. Efstathios (Mrs. E.)