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          Launching Reading Workshop  

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In our first unit of the year, we will launch our Reading Workshop! The students will get to examine themselves as readers by being challenged to think about what makes them a unique reader based on preferences, inclinations, interests, strengths and struggles. The children will also focus on personal and class goals, as well as building reading stamina together. We will review how to choose "just-right" books and learn important reading strategies. Third graders will be reminded of the importance of reading for meaning, as opposed to "whipping through words" without gaining any comprehension of the text. Lessons will focus on what to do when we become confused in the test we are reading, ensuring that we are following the text, abandoning books that are too challenging or too easy, and creating a buzz around books we love. Readers will learn to draw upon all that they know in order to read with engagement.

As routines and expectations are established in this first unit, the children will maintain Reading Logs of all the books read at both home and school over the course of the year, in addition to a Reader's Notebook. The Reader's Notebook will be used to record strategies for various genres, in addition to house post-it notes that are used to "hold" onto ideas, predictions, connections and responses to our reading.

Reading partnerships will also be formed this month. Partnerships provide opportunities for the children to get to know each other as readers. Partners will be taught the respectful actions that good partnerships require: how to make eye contact, listen to each other, and add on to the book conversation. Partners will practice retelling, listening, responding, and speaking during this time.

   Reading Workshop Units to follow…

* Mystery:  Foundational Skills in Disguise

* Reading to Learn

* Launching Book Clubs & Accountable Talk: Character Studies

* Reading Around the World

* Test Prep

* Social Issues Book Clubs