Social Studies

Current Social Studies Unit: Map Skills and Heritage


In our first unit, we will begin with basic map skills as the explorers review and "cement" the names and locations of the seven continents and five oceans. We will utilize atlases to practice various map skills such as directions, using map keys and symbols and measuring distances using a map scale. We will learn about hemispheres and how our world is divided into four distinct hemispheres: northern, southern, eastern and western. The explorers will learn how to describe locations on a map and answer map-related questions while examining different types of maps. 


After this initial investigation, we will move our focus to heritage. We will look at how American culture was shaped by immigrants who traveled long and far to reach our country over a span of many years. Five ethnic groups came to America and contributed to its growth and development--American Indians, Latinos, European Americans, African Americans and Asian Americans.


Some underlying questions we will study include: 

-Who are we and why did we come to America? 

-How do different cultures contribute to the American culture?


The students will come to understand that ethnic groups have common elements that define them, such as customs and culture. A large portion of this unit allows students to identify and describe their personal heritage as well as any known name and immigration stories.