Picture Vocabulary

Picture Vocabulary

Students receive 20 words with pictures describing each vocabulary every Monday. Students write a sentence using each vocabulary (4 words every day). Following Monday, students take a quiz. The same picture but without the word will be used for the quiz.  Students need to write an appropriate word for each picture. (Spelling counts)


Week 1

Agree                         allow                          answer                      answer

Apologize                 arrive                         ask                              attack           

Bake                           bark                           bath                           bathe

Begin                          bite                             blame                                    bleed

Blow                           boil                             brake                         break


Week 2

Bring                          build                           burn                           buy

Call                             carry                          catch                          catch

Choose                      clean                          climb                          close  

Come (0n)                come(down)            cook                           copy

Count                         cough                        crawl                          cry


Week 3

Cross                          cut                              dance                         dance

Demand                    deny                           descend                    dig

Disagree                    disappear                 dive                            divide

Draw                          dress                          drink                          drive

Drop                          eat                              enter                          examine


Week 4

Fail                              fall                              fall off                        fetch

Fight                           fill                                finish                          fire

Float                           fly                               follow                        frighten

Gather                       get(wet)                    get/receive               get(down)

Get(in)                       get(on)                      get(on)                      get(up)


Week 5

Give                            grow                          guide                          hang

Help                           hide                            hit                               hitch-hike

Hold                           hunt                           imitate                       improve

Insult                          introduce                  invite                          jog

Join                             jump                          keep(quiet)              keep

Week 6
Kick                            kiss                             kneel                          knock

Laugh                         lean                            learn                          leave

Lend                           lie                                lift                               light   

Like                             live                              listen                          listen (to)

Lock                           look                            look (after)               look (at)

Week 7

Look for                    lose                             love                            make

Marry                                    meet                          mend                         mix

Move                         obey                           offer                           open

Pack                           paint                          part                            pass

Pass                            pay                             pick                            pick (up)

Wee 8

Play                            point                          polish                         post

Pour                           prefer                                    pull                             push

Put (down)               put (away)               put (on)                     quarrel

Raise                          read                           receive                      refuse

Remain                      remind                      repair                         rest


Week 9

Return                       ride                             ride                             rise

Run                             sail                              save                            search

Seize                          sell                              send                           serve

Shake                         share                          shave                         shout

Show                         shut                            sing                             sit



Week 10

Skate                          sleep                          slide                            slip

Smell                          smile                          speak                         spill

Splash                        stand                          stand (up)                 start

Stay                            stamp                                    sting                           stir

Stroke                        study                          support                     sweep



Week 11

Take                           take                            take                            take(off)

Talk                            taste                           telephone                 tell

Thank                                    think                          throw                                    tie

Touch                                    try                               turn                            turn (on)

Turn (off)                  visit                             wait                            walk


Week 12

Wash                                 watch                         wave                               wear

Win                                     wipe                         wish                                 work

Worry                                 wrap                          write                               yawn




Week 13

Absent                       afraid                         aggressive                alive

Alone                         ancient                      apart                          asleep

Back                           bad                             bald                            bare

Beautiful                   big                              blind                           blond

Bloody                       blunt                          brave                         bright



Week 14

Broad                         busy                           calm                           careful

Careless                     cautious                    cheap                         cheerful

Clean                          clear                           clever                         close

Cloudy                       cold                            comfortable             content

cool                            correct                      costly                         crooked



Week 15

Crushed                    curious                      dangerous                dark

Dead                          deaf                            dear                           deep

Delicate                     delighted                  different                   dirty

Dry                             easy                            eldest                         electric

Empty                        endless                      enormous                 equal


Week 16

Expensive                 false                           fast                             fat

Favorite                    first                             flat                              fond

Forgetful                   formal                       fresh                          full

Funny                                    generous                  gentle                                    greedy

Half                            happy                                    heavy                         helpful


Week 17

High                           hollow                       honest                       hot

Huge                          humorous                ill                                 important

Impossible                inside                         instant                       intelligent

Jealous                      kind                            large                           last

Late                            left                              light                            little


Week 18

Lonely                        long                            loose                          loud

Middle                       middle-aged                        narrow                      nervous

New                           next                            noisy                          old

Open                          opposite                    painful                       polite

Poor                           powerful                   precious                    proud


Week 19

Quiet                          rainy                          rapid                          respectful

Responsible              rich                             right                           right

Ripe                            risky                           rough                         round

Rude                          rusty                          sad                              selfish

Serious                      shallow                      sharp                         short


Week 20

Shy                             sick                             silly                             similar

Skilful                         sleepy                        slow                           small

Smooth                     snowy                        sore                            stormy

Straight                     strict                           strong                        sunny

tall                              tame                                                              thick



Week 21

Thin                            thirsty                        thoughtful                tiny

Unconscious                        unhappy                   untidy                        unwilling

Useful                        violent                       weak                          wealthy

Wet                            wicked                       wide                           wild

Wise                           woolen                      wrong                        young

Noun 1

Axe                              baby                            ball                              balloon

Banana                        band                            bomb                           bracelet

Brick                            bus                              button                         camera

Cart                             cave                            chain                           chimneys

Church                         circus                           comb                           compass

Noun 2

Cork                             crowd                          curtain                         cushion

Devil                           doll                              drum                           dustman

Earring                                    envelope                     family                         feather

Fire                              fireplace                      first                             flag

Flame                          freezer                                    gate                             guitar

Noun 3

hair drier                     handbag                      handkerchief               handles

ice cream                    ink                               jail                               jar

jug                               key                              king                             king

knot                             lift/elevator                lipstick                                    loaf

lock                             luggage                       matches (box of)        microphone

Noun 4

Mosque                       mosquito                     moustache                  mouth

nest                             nuts                             overcoat                      pants

pen                              pencil                          piano                           pie

pigeon                         pipe                             pond                            prison

pajamas                      queen                          rat                               razor

Noun 5

sack                             saddle                         shirt                             sleeve

spade                          stick                            sword                          tap

tie                                toothbrush/paste        towel                           tractor

tire                              van                              vase                            violin

volcano                       watch                          windmill                      zip




Prepositions 1

about (the room)     above                         across                                    after

against                                  go along the path    among                                    at

before                                    behind                                   below                         beneath

between                    by                                down                          for

from/to                      in                                inside                                    into

Prepositions 2

near (the cathedral)            next                            on                               onto

out of                         outside                      over                            past

around(the moon)   through                      to                                under

up                               with(a broken handle) come with us                  without














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