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Welcome to Ms. Chai's ESL Class!

Ms. Chai’s ESL Class

Welcome to Mrs. Chai’s ESL Class web page.  I am so pleased to have your child in my class. Your child and I are about to embark on a wonderful journey. I hope you will join us! We all know that a productive and enjoyable learning environment is created through the combined efforts of the students, parents, and educators.

This will be a memorable year where your child will blossom into a more independent learner.

You will be able to use this web page to access information about our class.Please look for classroom announcements regarding special events, letters to the parents, reminders, and class parties.

I am lookingforward to a very exciting and fruitful year of learning and growth. Together,we will work on some great activities and projects. I know both the studentsand the parents will enjoy our ESL class this year!

I am veryhappy to share with you what we will be doing this year.

v Vocabulary: This year, we are going tostudy vocabulary with Oxford Vocabulary Series every Monday, Tuesday, andWednesday. There are various levels for each student’s vocabulary skills:purple, green, orange, blue, Level A, and LevelB… Students will take diagnostictest to determine their level in order to choose the book for the appropriatelevel. It will take about 2 weeks for each unit, and students will take thetest whenever completing the unit. After students successfully finish the bookfor their level, they will stat a new book which is one more advanced level.

v  Language Fundamental: To reinforce and enhance the students     with     comprehensive resource for grammar, mechanics, usage, and vocabulary practice, I will provide extra practice to accommodate students’ varied skill levels. Multiple-choice review will help the students to prepare for assessment and standardized tests,while sentence editing will provide “real world” application of skills. The numerous and varied lessons for targeted language skills will help the students meet individual needs.

v Reading Comprehension: Make Connections, Visualization,Organization, Determine Important Information, Ask Questions, Monitor Comprehension, Main Idea and Details, Sequence, Cause and Effect, Fact and Opinion, Compare and Contrast, Make Inference, Prediction, Character and Setting, Fantasy and Reality, Author’s Purpose, Nonfiction Text Features, Visual Information, Main Idea and Details , Sequence, Cause and Effect, Fact and Opinion, Compare and Contrast, Make Inferences, Fantasy and Reality, Author’s Purpose, Nonfiction Text Features, Visual Information

v Reading Log: Students are encouraged to read at least 30 minutes a day at home.  Parents will need to mark their signature to confirm the reading schedule, which will be checked every Friday.

v Reading in Class: Read Aloud and Reading Response Journal: We will explore many great books of various genres, topics, cultural backgrounds,and levels. 

v Grammar: We will study grammar. I will give the grammar packets for each unit. We will study here in class and students will also study at home for homework. 

v Special activities and projects: In addition to this regular work, we will have fantastic and vigorous learning experiences through lots of special activities and projects throughout the year. I plan to challenge and motivate the students and teach them to challenge themselves. Students will acquire great skills and become very competent students as collaborative team members, effective communicators, globally aware, active, & responsible students/citizens, information literate researchers, innovative & practical problem solvers, and self directed learners.

To sum up, please check the students' agenda and my web page to check their homework. But please do know that my class will almost always have homework: Grammar packet, Vocabulary work, reading response journal, reading comprehension skill packet, prompt writing, and studying for their vocabulary grammar tests... So please check their binders and notebooks for my class everyday. 

Once again, it takes all of us, the students, parents, and educators’ combined efforts that will contribute to a successful education. Please check Ms. Chai’s ESL Web Page regularly for any updates for assignments, notices, and things to bring to class, and news, as well as Infinite Campus for your child’s class work updates. 


Please email me about any concerns at

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