A word A Day

A Word A Day


A Word A Day – Develops students’ rich and diverse vocabulary, enhances critical thinking, promotes understanding of new concepts, improve reading comprehension, and leads to academic success in all subject areas.



Week 1

Crunch verb

When you crunch,you chew noisily on something.

I could hear my brother crunch his potato chips.


Which foods can you crunch?

• peas

• an apple

• milk

• a carrot

• popcorn


What things does a dog like to crunch?

 What might a rabbit like to crunch?


Gentle adjective

A gentle person is careful not to hurt people or things.

The gentle teacher spoke softly to the upset child and dried his tears.


Which shows that you are gentle?

• rocking a crying baby to sleep

• smiling at someone who is sad

• petting a sick pet

• yelling when you don’t get your way

• pushing a friend so you can be first in line


Tell about a gentle person you know.

Show or tell how you would be gentle with a small animal.

Week 1

Odor noun

An odor is a smell.

Skunks have a strong odor that can be smelled from far away.


Which things have a strong odor?

• roses

• perfume

• a phone

• garbage

• brownies


What is an odor that you like? What is an odor that you don’t like?

Dash verb

When you dash, you move quickly.

I must dash to the supermarket beforeit closes.


Which words mean the same as dash?

• hurry

• run

• crawl

• race

• hop


Do you ever dash?

 Tell about times when you need to dash.

Show how to dash across the room.




• This word describes someone who is kind and not rough. (gentle)

• You would do this in a race. (dash)

• You might do this when you eat cereal. (crunch)

• You might notice this in a flower garden. (an odor)


 Complete the sentence.

• I like the of fresh brownies. (odor)

• The man did not yell when I accidentally broke his window. (gentle)

• Molly is hurt. Please to the nurse and ask her to come. (dash)

• I like the sound I make when I pretzels. (crunch)


Read each sentence and tell which word or words are wrong.

Then provide the correct word from the week’s list.

• I slurp popcorn when I’m at the movies.


• The mean child hugged the little girl who was crying. (mean/gentle)

• A stinky sound came from the pile of trash. (sound/odor)

• Be sure to run slowly so you will win the race. (run slowly/dash)


 Read each sentence and decide if it is true or false. If the sentence is false, explain why.

• Firefighters dash to put out fires. (true)

• A gentle person often yells and screams at people. (false; a gentle person is kind and talks quietly)

• An odor is something you can see. (false; an odor is something you smell)

• You make noises when you crunch food. (true)

Answers for questions: 1. A, 2. G, 3. D, 4. H


A Word a Day

crunch • gentle • odor • dash

Fill in the bubble next to the correct answer.


1. Which sentence uses the word odor correctly?

𝖠 I like the odor of hot dogs cooking on a grill.

𝖑 My room has red odor on the walls.

𝖒 Emma made a large odor out of wood.

𝖣 What odor should I put on the cookie?


2. When you dash, you .

π–₯ walk slowly

𝖦 move quickly

𝖧 read quietly

speak loudly


3. The word crunch tells the way someone .

𝖠 laughs

𝖑 sleeps

𝖒 sings

𝖣 chews


4. Which sentence tells about a gentle person?

π–₯ Jonathan kicked sand in his little brother’s face.

𝖦 Rosa threw her baseball glove to scare her cat.

𝖧 Grandma smiled lovingly at Ben and patted his hand.

Kate pushed to be first in line and made her friends mad.

Write about an odor you like. Use odor in your sentence.






Week 2


Shiver verb

When you shiver, you shake because you are cold or afraid.

When I got out of the swimming pool, the cold wind made me shiver.


Which of these could make you shiver?

• kicking off the blankets on a cold night

• sitting in front of a fireplace

• hearing creaky sounds on the roof

• jumping into a cold lake

• curling up with a good boo

What do your teeth do when you shiver? What happens to your skin when you shiver?

Show what it’s like to shiver.


Racket noun

A racket is a lot of very loud noise.

The squawking birds in the pet store made an awful racket.


Which of these would make a racket?

• a dripping faucet

• children yelling at a ballgame

• a stack of pots and pans falling over

• a goldfish swimming in a bowl

• three dogs barking at a cat


In what kind of place is it all right to make a racket?

Where is it not okay to make a racket?

Week 2

Tame adjective

Something that is tame is gentle and not wild.

The tame deer were not afraid to be near us.


Which are tame animals?

• a pet cat

• a wolf

• a zebra

• a grizzly bear

• a pet dog


Tell about some tame animals you have seen.

What can you do with a tame animal that you cannot do with a wild animal?


Permit verb

You permit something when you allow it to happen.

Will you permit me to go to the beach with Sam and his family?


Pretend you are a parent. Which things would you permit your first-grader to do?

• go trick-or-treating

• have a pet

• jump from an airplane

• drive a car

• play on a sports team


Think about a time when you asked your mom or dad to permit you to do something. What did you say? What did your mom or dad say?



shiver • racket • tame • permit


• You might do this when you’re very cold. (shiver)

• A pet cat is this kind of animal. (tame)

• Your teacher might do this when you ask to leave the classroom. (permit you to leave)

• If a lot of people were beating on drums, you might call it this. (a racket)


Complete the sentence.

• My mom said she will me to go on the school trip. (permit)

• The metal trash cans made a when the wind knocked them over. (racket)

• The scary part of the movie made me. (shiver)

• The bird ate seeds from my hand. (tame)


Tell which word or words are wrong. Provide the correct word from the week’s list.


• A helicopter makes a soft sound when it takes off. (soft sound/racket)

• My puppy is a wild animal that sleeps on my bed. (wild/tame)

• Dad said, “Yes, I will not allow you to go to the ballgame.” (not allow/permit)

• I began to sweat because I was very cold. (sweat/shiver)


Decide if it is true or false. If the sentence is false, instruct students to explain why.

• When you shiver, you might also get goose bumps. (true)

• Snow makes a racket as it falls on the ground. (false; snow falls quietly)

• A tiger is a tame animal that can live in your yard. (false; a tiger is dangerous and lives in the wild)

• The word permit means about the same as allow. (true)



Review Words

shiver • racket • tame • permit


Fill in the bubble next to the correct answer.

1. Which sentence uses the word racket correctly?

𝖠 I will racket your mother to ask if you can come to my house.

𝖑 Some monkeys made a racket in the trees.

𝖒 My sheet of paper made a racket when it fell on the fl oor.

𝖣 Please racket me when you get home.


2. When you permit something, you .

π–₯ let it happen

𝖦 stop it from happening

𝖧 wish it would happen

wonder if it will happen


3. Which might make you shiver?

𝖠 riding your bike on a sunny day

𝖑 baking cookies with your mom

𝖒 walking on a cold, windy day without your jacket

𝖣 watching funny cartoons about talking animals


4. Which tells about a tame animal?

π–₯ A bears lives in the forest.

𝖦 A lion hunts for its food.

𝖧 A snake can be dangerous.

My dog likes to play ball with me.

Write about something that makes a racket. Use racket in your sentence.



Week 3


Nature noun

Nature is everything in the world that is not made by people, such as trees, rocks, and animals.

Our drive through the forest gave us a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature.


Which are things you can do in nature?

• camp in a forest

• grow a flower garden

• ride in an elevator

• go fishing in a pond

• watch a spider spin a web


Name things that are found in nature.

Make a list and see how long the list will be.

What are some ways you enjoy nature?


Wild adjective

A wild animal is not tame and lives in nature.

A lion is a wild animal that lives on grasslands and hunts for its food.


Which animals are wild?

• a kitten in a pet shop

• a monkey in a tree

• a bat in a cave

• a tiger in a jungle

• a shark in the ocean


Tell what you know about one wild animal. What sound does that wild animal make?

Week 3

Nibble verb

You nibble your food when you eat it in small bites.

My pet mouse nibbled on a piece of cheese.


Which ones might nibble?

• a wolf eating its prey

• a queen eating a cookie

• a person in a pie-eating contest

• a child tasting a new food

• a bear with a fish


Pretend you are holding a slice of pizza. Show how you would nibble it.


What is your favorite food to nibble?


Focus verb

You focus when you pay attention

Lucy could not focus on her homework because her brother was playing loud music.


When are good times to focus?

• when your teacher is talking

• when you read

• when you are playing a game

• when you are walking on the beach

• when you sleep


What helps you to focus in school? What makes it difficult

for you to focus?


Review Week 3

nature • wild • nibble • focus


Find the word that answers the clue.


• You need to do this when you read. (focus)

• Tigers and eagles are this kind of animal. (wild)

• A rabbit might do this when it eats lettuce. (nibble)

• Plants, rocks, and animals are all part of this. (nature)


Complete the sentence.


• An elephant is the largest animal that lives on land. (wild)

• A mouse likes to on seeds. (nibble)

• One way to protect is to throw trash in containers. (nature)

• I on the screen when I watch a movie. (focus)


Tell which word or words are wrong. Provide the correct word from the week’s list.


• Rats drink their food in small bites.



• I look down when my teacher writes on the board. (look down/focus)


• An alligator is a tame animal with rows of sharp teeth. (tame/wild)


• I love to camp in the city where wild animals live. (the city/nature)


Decide if it is true or false. If the sentence is false, explain why.


• A polar bear is a wild animal. (true)

• Schools are part of nature. (false; people make school buildings)

• It is important to focus when you do your homework. (true)

• Lions nibble their food with their big teeth. (false; lions take big bites of their food)




nature • wild • nibble • focus


Fill in the bubble next to the correct answer.


1. Which sentence uses the word nature correctly?

𝖠 Will you nature up the tree and pick an apple for me?

𝖑 The water you drink comes from nature.

𝖒 Airplanes are my favorite part of nature.

𝖣 Nature makes computers and televisions.


2. Which is a wild animal?

π–₯ a horse carrying a rider

𝖦 a bird making a nest

𝖧 a cat sleeping on a person’s lap

a dog walking on a leash


3. When you focus on what someone is saying, you .

𝖠 listen carefully

𝖑 sing a song

𝖒 daydream

𝖣 turn on a light


4. When you nibble your food, you .

π–₯ take small bites

𝖦 open wide and take a big bite

𝖧 chew as loudly as you can

I drink with a straw


Write about a way to take care of nature. Use nature in your sentence.



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